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-beth pecora

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                   THROW ME TO THE WOLVES
                             and i will return leading the pack.

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Final Fantasy XIII crew

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furyofbahamut ;


      “Enjoy the show?
Callous in tone, but the sense of someone around whilst the assassin wipes the blood from her hands is too strong. Murder was nothing but typical among the Wilds, it was the perfect place to lure pursuers, Ada had been here on more than one occasion. The crimson stained rag is tossed aside as ashen optics scan the area — not fearful. This woman is no doubt more than capable of keeping herself alive, and instead of awaiting her spectator, she merely leans down to search the dead body. Nothing much of interest, but a few miscellaneous documents that would need to be burned.
      “Tsk, I haven’t got much time — …”


Jade hues shimmered with curiosity as she stepped out from behind a withering tree a small distance away from this… odd woman. Fang had been watching her from the shadows for some time now, from the very moment she had entered into her parts of the Wilds, to the moment she had killed her fleeing prey. None of that was new to her to be sure, as life and death came quite easily in this remote area of Thedas. Still, not just anyone willingly ventured this far out, even to kill someone off themselves.. and that made this stranger very interesting.

"——I’d say the show is still goin’ on.” A smirk slowly appears on her face with a chuckle, while her gaze remained fixated on the other woman as she searched the corpse. “For someone who took their time in killin’ this poor soul, you seem to feel the need to rush now, hm?”

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quick doodle of my obscure otp, FangRaines

ok byes (つω・*)

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Vampire Hunting | Skyrim AU | Fang & Paine


Essentially Paine followed the woman’s footsteps as the descended, always careful as to not accidentally move a rock or something of the sort. She kept a tight grip on her crossbow, keeping it at a level so that she could fire easily if need be. At the signal she came to a stop and peered round her companion. There was a small opening in the door before them but from where Paine was, she could not see through it.

It seemed like Fang had the same idea she did. Paine calmly waited, her crossbow now firmly aimed at the door incase something opened it. Her gaze flitted between the woman and the door, just in case. It was when Fang gestured to her that she moved forwards. She was careful to make as little noise as possible as she stepped down and peered through the crack in the door. She couldn’t help but clench her jaw at the sight.

Dragging her gaze away from the vampire and across the rest of the room, Paine spotted no others in the room with them. Taking a step back, she turned slightly towards the other. “Open it a little more.” She gave a small gesture towards her crossbow. If they were able to stay undetected, she’d be able to get a good enough shot to kill the thing and save the girl. Or hopefully save her, if the vampire hadn’t drained too much of her blood. 

She didn’t need to be told twice to open the door more, as all her instincts were almost coursing through her veins with the desire to demolish the undead filth inside. But it was better to be prepared, than start an encounter without being truly ready should enemy reinforcements be nearby and out of sight. Fang knew it would probably come off rather strange to her new-found partner, but a hand was silently held up in Paine’s view to make a gesture of ‘hold on’.

Leaning further towards the door, with the other hand keeping a firm hold on the wall to keep her from making too much sound, she took a rather deep inhale of the scents pouring out from the room. Her companion’s sense of smell was not even close to her own heightened ones, due to the wereform curse she was born into— thus going forward it was possible things would be overlooked, if they weren’t careful.

The room itself was beyond pungent. Old blood and new filled the air, mixed with the creature’s own deathly odor and the stench of rotting flesh; more than likely the vampire’s earlier victim before this young woman. Through it all though, there were no other hints of life indicating more vampires were present. Being too absorbed in it’s feeding, the one a few feet away in the room didn’t take notice of the door being carefully nudged open more to make it easier for Paine to aim. “——He’s all yours.”

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Well, that was unexpected — considering that Raines was never surprised, but Fang’s reaction left him rather speechless. He looked over to her when she nudged him, his light lavenders looking at the woman in a bit of a shock.

"Well… I… thank you for that, Fang… For understanding… even if I never say anything. But I am still sorry for disappearing… I do not like doing it myself, if it makes you feel better…"


"Don’t worry about it—— like I said, I’m already over it."

Truthfully it had taken a long time to get to that point, what with his constant disappearances and whatnot, but Fang found some sort of peace now just knowing he’d come back eventually.

                      “It’s not often I catch ya out around here though. Somethin’ on your mind?”

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One Republic - Counting Stars

Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be

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Fang’s Rules for Dating her Daughter


  1. Understand that I am Mom.  I can make you go away.
  2. She is my princess, not your prostitute.
  3. She’s my baby girl, but she is also your queen.  I expect royal treatment.
  4. Your hands do not belong on her chest, her ass, or anywhere else that your horny mind can think of.  You will be gentle with her, or I will find out.
  5. Honesty is the best policy.  Remember that.
  6. If you ask her on a date, you pay for it.  She’s not your ATM.
  7. She is not your ride to popularity.
  8. Keep your hands off other women.  If she’s not enough to satisfy that roaming eye, your not good enough for her.
  9. Always assume I have done a background check.  In fact, know that for fact.
  10. You hurt her, I break you.
  11. Understand that I can make you go away.

If by some reason you get lucky and avoid me, her mother is a better shot than I am.

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